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Alfred 2 and 1Password logins

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Inspired by David and Katie's podcast earlier this week, I spent some more time mucking about with the excellent Alfred 2.

The most useful workflows I've created so far combine Alfred's ability to load a URL from a hotkey, with 1Password's 1Click Bookmark functionality. Very easy to set up, it goes like this:

  1. Open your browser of choice and drag your 1Password login (for Amazon, in this example) from 1Password to the bookmarks toolbar (this creates a 1Click bookmark)
  2. Right-click the 1Click bookmark for Amazon that you just created, and select "Copy"
  3. Open a new workflow in Alfred
  4. Add a hotkey (Triggers > Hotkey) - for this example I used: ⌃+⌥+A
  5. Add an Action (Actions > Open URL)
  6. Paste in the URL from your 1Click bookmark
  7. Click save and create a link between the hotkey and the action in Alfred

And you're done. Now on clicking ⌃+⌥+A you will be taken to your browser and a new tab launches Amazon, and logs you in. Obviously you need to ensure that your 1Password login points to the actual login page in the first place (rather than another page on the site such as the registration page, a common mistake when first saving a login to 1Password).

This is going to save me a ton of time.

I also particularly like the blindingly simple (but overlooked by me) tip from Tim Stringer at Technically Simple - instead of creating a new Alfred workflow for every hotkey you set up, group them together for ease of review and editing (for example have a single workflow called "Applications" for all the hotkeys that just launch your apps). Many more good tips in Tim's screencast.