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Microsoft unveils Office for iPad

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Well, about time.

After many rumours and false starts, Office is finally coming to iOS today.

Yes it requires a subscription to Office 365 to do anything more than view documents on your iPad - but y'know, duh, Office 365 is their thing and that was always going to be the case. Yes, this is all a matter of supreme indifference to me anyway.

But it's still a good thing, if for no other reason than it's one more nail in the "I can't possibly use my iPad for work" coffin.

Geert, this one's for you...fucking Surface, LOL :-)


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In my opinion, the unbeaten champion of camera apps on the iPhone is Kitcam. If you're unaware of it, there is little point in my telling you how great it is - because it was purchased by Yahoo! in June 2013, and promptly removed from the app store. But nine months on, it remains my go-to, home screen camera app.

Now, however, it appears there may be a "replacement". Kitcamera, it is important to note, is not a "Kitcam copy". Absolutely not. The name sounds nothing like it, for one, and a brief look at the interface cosmetic differences. It has, apparently, been developed ground-up with no code-stealing. Even the icon is different (it's a colour version of the old one).

Either way - I don't care. Same look and feel as Kitcam - and on first look, identical functionality. But in an app that might actually see ongiong development? I'm in.

And - today at least - it's free.

The Unbelievable Pepsi Max Bus Shelter

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Despite what you might occasionally think when listening to my frequent rants about technology as productivity tools, it's even better when it's used for fun, in really cool ways...

If you can't see the above video, click here.

Improving your iPhone and iPad Battery Life in iOS 7

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iOS 7.1 is, no doubt, outstanding and arguably what 7.0 should have been. But as with any iOS update, it has a tendency to drain your device's battery faster than previous versions, unless you think carefully about which features you are actually using, and which are just pointlessly draining it.

The biggest two of these are:

Location Services
I'm not saying you shouldn't use these, of course. Frankly your iPhone and iPad are seriously hobbled if you don't. Pretty much every article I've seen on this topic recommends nothing more than checking Settings > Location Services to ensure that no apps are using Location, that shouldn't be.

Good advice no doubt, but in my experience this is of limited use. Most apps that ask to use location do so for a reason, and you severely limit them if you deny it. My better advice would be - just pay attention to which apps you keep running in the background and close those you arent using. This has a much bigger effect on your battery life, and you'd be amazed how many people just never close their apps. Personally I have OCD about this (as with so much else in my life).

In case you are unaware of this - double-tap the home button or use an upwards four-finger swipe to show you thumbnails of every app running in the background (which if you are unaware of this, is probably every app you've ever opened). Close each one by swiping up on the thumbnail, and watch it disappear.

Background App Refresh
This was new with iOS 7. Essentially, while enabled (which is the default), your apps will refresh themselves in the background while you work in other apps. Facebook, for example, will regularly poll the server to ensure that when you return, those hilarious selfies of your niece and her lunch will be there waiting for you.

I'm sure this has use cases - I just can't think of any that are meaningful to me personally. I'm fine with the idea that when I return to an app, it will refresh at that point. I use very few apps that require such large quantities of data that I'd be waiting more than a couple of seconds. And for those that do, do I really want that app downloading that amount of data every few minutes when I'm not looking at it?

So in both cases - it's the apps that are running in the background that are killing your battery. Pay attention to those, and you will significantly extend your juice.